Gravity API v1.1
If you were looking for the legacy 1.0 documentation, you will find it here.


The Gravity Recommender API is designed to be as simple as possible, yet allow for the full potential of the powerful calculations and algorithms available in the system. There are several methods to connect: the API is available directly from the browser (write your own JavaScript for full flexibility or use our ready-built client module to have it all automated) or through ordinary http requests from your server.

Getting started is not dependent on long-running analytics jobs on your historical data, although initial uploads are welcome to mitigate Ā«cold start problemsĀ». The setup process for a new recommender service is extremely quick once your needs are defined, producing good recommendations based on incoming data. The Gravity system will simply consume input about user interaction (purchases, product page views, recommendation exposures etc.) to keep its recommendations up-to-date. Most of this input is automated through the default setup.

If you're eager to get started, you can